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Have an idea for a new SKIL tool or accessory? Submit it here through our Innovation site.

 Submit An Idea

SKIL welcomes submissions for new tool, accessory or attachment ideas that help do-it-yourselfers or craft/hobbyists to achieve project success. 
With your help we can continue to develop products that fulfill exactly the needs you have. You as a customer know best what you're missing and which applications should be revised or optimized.

Whatever your idea may be - submit your concepts for innovative applications, products or technologies to us. Our power tool innovation team will check your idea and contact you. Of course you will keep all your legal rights in your idea during the review process.

We are looking forward to your innovative ideas!

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Due to the high volume of product idea submissions, we can only consider your new idea or invention if it is submitted online through the SKIL New Idea Management System by using the links below.  This will enable us to review and respond to your idea in a more timely manner.  Thank you!