Tool Tips

Don't know which tool is best for your needs? Not sure how to make the most out of your power tools? No problem! Get tool buying tips, tool use and basics and, of course, tool and workshop safety. Begin by selecting a product category below.

Tool Tips

Reciprocating Saw BasicsReciprocating saws are powerful tools and require that both hands be kept on the tool at all times.Let the saw blades do the bulk of the work rather than forcing the blades into the material and be sure to us a sharp, clean blade for the most effective cuts.When doing demolition work, it is important to know what is being cut into before starting.Saw blades may heat up when cutting, so be cautious when setting a reciprocating saw down.When working with a reciprocating saw, always wear eye protection.

Reciprocating Saw UseReciprocating Saws are heavy duty tools for projects like rough cutting, renovating, cutting through nails or demolition of walls. With the proper blades, reciprocating saws can also be used effectively for trimming larger tree branches.Adjustable Pivoting ShoeThis feature allows the user to utilize different areas of the saw blade.Choose the right bladeSkil offers a diverse array of reciproating saw blades for fast cutting in all materials from wood to metal to plastic.It is important to note that safety goggles should always be worn when using an angle grinder, and work gloves are recommended.

SafetySkil Tools urges you to use your tool safely - even on seemingly small projects. Learn how using the right tool, wearing the right gear and keeping your tools properly maintained could all impact your safety.

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