Tool Tips

Don't know which tool is best for your needs? Not sure how to make the most out of your power tools? No problem! Get tool buying tips, tool use and basics and, of course, tool and workshop safety. Begin by selecting a product category below.

Tool Tips

Jigsaws BasicsMasking tape attached to your cutting line will cut down on the amount of splintering.Never force the saw to cut faster than it was intended. Forcing the blade will only result in workpiece damage and blade breakage.Read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the saw. Understand what each part does and why it is there. Knowledge can be a great deterrent to injury. Keep the blade clean. If the blade becomes dirty with glue or pitch, use an oven cleaner or mineral spirits to keep it clean. This will break down the buildup and keep the blade sharp and reliable.Make sure the power cord is out of the way before cutting. Jigsaw power cords can easily fall into the line of cut, so be aware of where the cord is at all times.It's a good idea to always wear safety glasses when using a jigsaw.

Jigsaw UseA Skil jigsaw is ideal for making straight-line cuts and intricate curved cuts in wood and other materials 2-1/4" thick or less. It is also an ideal tool for making quick, non-demanding cuts for various household projects.

SafetySkil Tools urges you to use your tool safely - even on seemingly small projects. Learn how using the right tool, wearing the right gear and keeping your tools properly maintained could all impact your safety.

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