Tool Tips

Don't know which tool is best for your needs? Not sure how to make the most out of your power tools? No problem! Get tool buying tips, tool use and basics and, of course, tool and workshop safety. Begin by selecting a product category below.

Tool Tips

Specialty Tools BasicsPower WrenchSKIL's innovative 7.2V lithium ion Power Wrench is the next must-have for every home-owner's toolbox. The Power Wrench is extremely compact and lightweight, fitting in the tight spaces drills and extensions can't reach. Ideal applications include building or assembling furniture or toys, deck or fence building, lawn mower, marine, or small engine repair, bicycle assembly or repair, and much, much more. The Power Wrench offers 200 RPM of turning power and can be switched to manual mode, delivering up to 400 in/lbs of torque. The Power Wrench comes fully equipped with a variety of sockets and driving bits, so users are prepared to finish their projects. XBench WorkbenchWhen tackling home improvement projects, having the proper work environment is critical. SKILÕs X-Bench gives DIYers the work surface and features they need to get their projects done, even when space is at a premium. Easy to store and transport, the X-Bench moves from the garage to the workroom and back with ease and is ready to handle a wide variety of projects. The X-Bench workstation provides a large work surface plus added features to successfully complete projects from refinishing furniture to home improvements to light construction.The bench sets up in three easy steps. Simply slide open the work top to reveal a cutting channel that will support the workpiece while cutting, resulting in easy, clean cuts. The universal insert plate system can convert a portion of the workstation into a scroll saw, sanding station, drill press, or router table. Add the optional accessories to convert the workbench into a complete workshop at any location.

Specialty Tool Use X-Bench Portable Work Station UseThe X-Bench Portable Work Station provides a large work surface to complete a variety of projects. Its new and innovative cut channel, located in the center of the bench, makes cutting materials quick and easy. Ruler markings are provided on the MDF surface for accurate measurements and the X-Bench folds in half for easy storage and portability.X-Bench Universal Insert Plate System UseThe SKIL Insert Plate System is available for SKIL jigsaws, sanders, routers and drills. With the individual insert plates, users are able to convert a portion of the workstation into a scroll saw, sanding station, drill press, or router table.Tail Vise UseThe Tail Vise Clamping System can be attached to the X-Bench table top, allowing users additional support when working with larger materials. The single clamping knob with dual guide rails ensure even clamping pressure along the work piece.Finishing Tray UseThe Finishing Tray securely fastens to the side of the X-Bench workstation for added convenience during finishing projects. It provides storage for paint, brushes, paper towels, a tape roll and other items.

SafetySkil Tools urges you to use your tool safely - even on seemingly small projects. Learn how using the right tool, wearing the right gear and keeping your tools properly maintained could all impact your safety.

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