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Don't know which tool is best for your needs? Not sure how to make the most out of your power tools? No problem! Get tool buying tips, tool use and basics and, of course, tool and workshop safety. Begin by selecting a product category below.

Tool Tips

Grinder BasicsWhen grinding, make sure the grinder guard is between you and your work and ALWAYS wear proper eye protection and clothing. Small pieces of debris may be sharp and hot.Wire wheels or wire cup brushes when are recommended when removing paint or rust from metal.When using a brush, use light pressure so that only the tips of the wire come in contact with the work. This will improve brush wear and decrease the amount of marking on the metal.Sanding disks range in grit. To obtain the best results, select the sanding disk carefully: 30 and below: removing paint and smoothing surface irregularities; 36-80: rough-sanding applications; 100-120: remove scratches from previous disks; 150 and above: smooth surfaces for painting, polishing or waxing.Efficient grinding is achieved by controlling the pressure and keeping the angle between the wheel and work piece at 10-15 degrees. If the wheel is flat, the tool is difficult to control and may “kick back”. If the angle is too steep, the pressure is concentrated on a small area causing burning to the work area.

Grinder UseA Skil angle grinder is a tough, versatile tool that grinds, sharpens, and sands. Angle grinders can be usedt inside or out to tackle many household projects. A grinder can be used to sharpen lawnmower blades and gardening tools, remove rust and paint from metal and remove mortar from between bricks just to name a few. What wheel sizes are available for Skil angle grinders?Skil grinders accept the most common wheel size - 4 ½". A 4 ½" wheel comes with every Skil grinder. What is the best angle for control and optimal use?Generally 10 - 15 degrees between the wheel and the work piece is best. Holding the grinding wheel at too flat of an angle can make the grinder difficult to control whereas if the angle is too steep, burning (in the case of wood) or scoring (when working on metal) on the work surface may result. Grinding WheelsThe aluminum oxide disk included with your Skil angle grinder is specifically designed for metal. If you are planning to remove rust or paint, use a wire wheel or wire cup brush. Use a silicon carbide disk for concrete.It is important to note that safety goggles should always be worn when using an angle grinder, and work gloves are recommended.

SafetySkil Tools urges you to use your tool safely - even on seemingly small projects. Learn how using the right tool, wearing the right gear and keeping your tools properly maintained could all impact your safety.

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