Tool Tips

Don't know which tool is best for your needs? Not sure how to make the most out of your power tools? No problem! Get tool buying tips, tool use and basics and, of course, tool and workshop safety. Begin by selecting a product category below.

Tool Tips

Table Saw BasicsAlways use a wooden push stick to feed material at the end of rip cuts, when the material is close to the blade.When performing a rip cut, always position the rip fence parallel to the blade to avoid Ùkick backs.Never crosscut work material freehand, without the aid of a miter gauge or similar safety device. Always use the miter gauge for cross cuts, but NEVER when making rip cuts or in combination with the rip fence.A blade guard should always be used for through cuts, but never use the blade guard when making Dado or Rabbet cuts. Be EXTREMELY cautious when making cuts without the blade guard.To minimize the chances of coming in contact with the blade, never allow it to project more than 1/8" to 3/8" above the surface of the material being cut.For smoother cuts, use a fine tooth (40-60) tooth blade.

Tablesaw UseThe Skil table saw is one of the most versatile tools in the home workshop. It is ideal for making repeatable, precise cross-cuts, beveled cuts, and rip cuts. Because of its precision, the Skil table saw delivers an extremely accurate straight cut in the least amount of time. A tablesaw makes projects like cutting lumber for deck building faster and easier.Choosing the right tablesawSkil carries both portable and stand tablesaws to complete a variety of woodworking projects.Crosscuts and rip cutsA crosscut is a shorter cut that goes across the grain of the wood. A rip cut is a longer cut that goes along the grain. Crosscutting will most often result in a "rougher" finish while rip cutting will result in a "smoother" finish, since the blade is cutting in the same direction as the grain. Choosing accessoriesUse only saw blades designed for 10" table saws. side and rear4 extensions provide a larger work surface, ideal for riping plywood. A dust collection system helps to keep your workshop clean. Specialty dado blades let you create custom projects like drawers and shelves.

SafetySkil Tools urges you to use your tool safely - even on seemingly small projects. Learn how using the right tool, wearing the right gear and keeping your tools properly maintained could all impact your safety.

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