Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question about your SKIL Tool? Answers to the most commonly asked questions about SKIL tools can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my Skil tool?

Order replacement parts in the United States:

ONLINE: or through select online retailers
BY PHONE: 1-877-SKIL-999

Find replacement parts in Canada:

CALL:  Ontario & Western Provinces: 1-800-387-8304
          Quebec & Atlantic Provinces (French speaking): 

Where can I purchase additional batteries for my cordless tools?

Skil batteries and chargers and can be ordered onilne or by phone in the U.S. through Bosch/SKIL Parts and Service by calling 1.800.346.4103.  You may also purchase online through several of our online partrners.

Where can I find Skil accessories? My local home center does not always have them in stock.

All our retailers have the ability to special order SKIL accessories for you. However, accessories can also be purchased through one of our many online partners, (such as, online directly through Bosch/SKIL Parts and Service or by phone at: 1.800.346.4103.

Where I can purchase obsolete batteries?

Obsolete batteries can be found at the following online retailers: 

  1. Interstate Batteries
  2. Battery +

The battery of my new cordless tool does not last very long, but it is brand new. Is something wrong?

Most cordless tools on the market today have NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries. NiCd batteries need to be "cycled" before they can deliver their best performance. This means that the battery has to be fully charged and fully 'drained' several times (typically 4 to 5 times) before it reaches its maximum charge capacity. This process is inherent to all NiCd batteries regardless of the brand. Once you have cycled your battery, you should obtain the battery capacity expected

How do I properly mount a circular saw blade?

1. Be sure to disconnect unit from power source.
2. Turn blade bolt counter-clockwise with wrench provided to remove blade bolt. If blade bolt rotates you may have to jar it loose by striking the wrench counter-clockwise.
3. Retract lower guard to check spring tension. Place inner washer over shaft, make sure that inner washer is in place, large machined side is facing outward.
4. Slide blade through slot in foot plate while lower guard is retracted to be sure blade teeth are facing the same direction as arrow on lower guard. Place over shaft then install outer blade washer, machined end against outer side of blade.
5. Install blade bolt and turn clockwise, finger tight, then use wrench provided to tighten. You may have to wedge blade against work bench or scrap lumber in order to stop rotation. Then tighten 1/8 turn.
6. Do not use wrenches with longer handles since it may lead to over tightening blade.

Where can I take my router to get it repaired?

For complete service center information in the US and Canada, visit our Service Centers page

How do I adjust the motor lock lever tension on 1810 or 1815 router?

To properly adjust tension on motor locking lever, please remove motor out of base housing.  Please look close to the locking lever hinge, inside of motor base you will find a small set screw that you need to screw in a few degrees to it will stick out more through the housing.  By doing so, the locking lever will put more pressure on motor housing for better grip.

How do I replace a chuck?

Removing Chuck

  1. Open the chuck all the way, remove left-hand thread screw inside chuck by turning it clockwise (Fig 3).
  2. Insert the short arm of a 3/8” hex key wrench and close jaws on flats of wrench (Fig 4). Strike long arm of wrench sharply counter-clockwise, remove wrench and unthread chuck from spindle.

How do I remove and install the blade for the Power Cutter, model 2352?

  1. Blade #1609203W06
  2. Rotate blade screw counter clockwise with a flat tip screwdriver and remove the blade screw (Fig 2). You must use a very quick (sudden) counterclockwise move to break threads loose.
  3. Slide the blade away from the upper guard and remove blade
  4. Slide new blade under the upper guard with beveled edges facing you.
  5. Align hole in blade. With hole in the blade shaft, replace screw and securely tighten the blade screw clockwise.

How do I install the Leaf Spring on Skil Jigsaws? (Models 4480, 4485, 4490, 4580, 4680, 4690).

1. Please insert 2 leaf springs together; short bend side down into rectangle opening in roller bracket.

2. Push down on curved part of leaf spring; making sure that end of small roller bracket is all the way up inside main bracket.

3. With small screwdriver, push on long bend side of leaf spring until well past metal tip on main bracket.

4. Make sure that small bend part is pushing on small roller bracket and has a proper tension.

What type and how much oil do I need for my Worm Drive SKILSAW?

  1. Skil or Bosch Worm Drive Oil part #80111 or WD7LUB is specially designed for our worm drive tools.
  2. Gear box must be filled up to the bottom of the oil plug threads. Please make sure that the tool is in horizontal position on leveled surface when refilling this gear box.

Where can I purchase obsolete switches and brushes?

Obsolete switches and bruches can be found at:    Eurton Electric